Testo Turn It Up Fire It Up – Busta Rhymes

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Testo della canzone Turn It Up Fire It Up di Busta Rhymes
It’s Busta Rhymez, they do much more
So yo you one more time, knucklehead flow that
You act real dumb, yo, I’m pert near fool
Lights out when, let it riplike my neck
With search warrant, I make sure verything we make is raw
I make sure everything we make is raw…

Yah, yah, yah…

1-When I step up in the place, ay you I step correct
Woo hah woo hah
Got you all in check, I got that head nod
That make you break ya neck
Woo hah, woo hah, got you all in check
And you know we come through, to reck the disco tech
Woo hah, woo, I got you all in check
Throw your hands up in the air, and never disrespect
Woo hah, woo hah, I got you all in check

Busta Rhymes up in the place, true indeed
Yes, I catch wreck and that’s word on my seed
I’m guaranteed to give you what you need
One blood everybody like junior reed
Make up every morning, I must succeed
Nationwide ruckus make the world stampede
Yo, Willie make we roll some–
Made charge…now I must proceed
Yo, we bout to make moves set speed
Peace to baby phife cue-tip ali-shaheed
Watch me knock you out like apollo creed
Body blows bustin’ you… makin’ you bleed
Just feed off the dynamic flows and take heed
Need more information, homeboy then just read
Ayyy, you can read all about the pure breed
Do the bogle dance man, do the pepperseed
(repeat 1)

How dare you ever try, to step on my suede shoes
Top Gun…down your firm like Tom Cruise
Please, let me get down and blow a fuse
Actin’ fools, brakin’…down to molecules
Yo, let me hit you with my ill street blues
Busta Rhymez always headlines the street news
Woo hah, woo hah

Ah, baby girl, do

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