Testo Turning Point – David Wilcox

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Testo della canzone Turning Point di David Wilcox
from Turning Point

Just one turn to steer your fate
or wait for fate to spin you
Your trusting’s fine
but much too blind
Your compass is within you

These days pass you yearning
like empty pages turning
You’re holding out for something real
you can’t play pretender
because you still remember
just how full your heart can feel

But how long the distance getting by and getting through
Your heart’s strong insistence
says that nothing else will do
Or you could try on their distractions
wear some empty compromise
but it’s hard to breathe
inside some cheap disguise
You can live your life completely
that true path you’re here to find
or stay scared
and leave your destiny behind
It’s right now
here’s the turning point in time

Just one thing can kill this dream
to compromise your vision
We find our truth or live some lie
It rides on this decision
Meanwhile those other voices:

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