Testo Very Very Unbelievable Scary – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Very Very Unbelievable Scary delle Olsen Twins
Faces looming overhead,
Skin of blue and eyes of read,
Hair that stands straight up into the air.
Monster fangs and witches faces,
Hidden in the darkest places.
Zombies living underneath the creaking basement stair.

Black cats howling in the dark.
Hoot owls hooting in the park.
Frightful sights that make you real uncomfortable and wary.
Everything that’s dark and hairy makes you squirm
Because it’s very, very, very, unbelievably scary.
Just below your little bed,
You could find a laughing head.
Giant teeth that chatter in your ear.
Listen to the wind that’s howling.
See the monster faces scowling at you as you quake
And tremble with your fear.


Sounds that make you shake like jelly,
Butterflies inside your belly,
makes you want to scream and run with fright.
Eerie shadows creeping by. Bats and goblins fill the sky.

Trolls that laugh and fade into the night.


Great big spiders scamper by.
Frightful ghosts make tables fly.
Vampires tell you look into my eyes.
Gnomes and poltergeists all around,
make you jump with every sound.
Spirits that rise up from underground.


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