Testo Video Monster – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Video Monster delle Olsen Twins
Album: Sleepover Party
It started out so innocently.
A game of skill, a little fantasy.
But it’s alive now like never before.
And Toto I don’t think we are in control anymore.

Video Monster, he’s the friendly kind,
But the must have been hungry cause he sucked us inside.
Video Monster well at least he’s tame.
Still we’ve got to be quick until we figure out,
How to quit this game.
Deep inside the video scene.
Gotta swim the river, you gotta jump the stream.
Wrestle every alligator, climb every stair.
There’s gotta be a secret passage here somewhere.
Around every corner waits another surprise.

Uh oh. You reached another level, the point totals rise.
Yea! And just when you think you finally cleared the deck…
Oh no! More creepy creatures breathing down your neck.


Lunch with the banana bunch, there’s creatures here on ice.
Yeah! And fire breathing dragons that are really rather nice.
You need to know just when to jump and when you should…
Let’s go! Or you might end up just like us inside the

Chorus (2 X)

How to quit this game

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