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Testo della canzone Village Of The Sun di FRANK ZAPPA
Album: Unknown
FZ: Thank you . . . thank you very much . . . awright, does anybody here know where Palmdale is? You do? Good, do you, have you ever heard of a place called Sun Village? You, some, some of you know where Sun Village is, awright, it’s out in back on Palmdale, awright. At one time, that used to be a, uh, big place for . . . raisin’ turkeys, and, uh, I went to high school in Lancaster which is not far from, uh, from, uh, Palm . . . Oh! Is it very good for other things out there now? Good . . . (Ken, turn me up so they can hear what I’m saying) Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a song about this place where I used to live where they used to raise turkeys (ready . . . ?)

Goin’ back home
To the Village of the Sun
Out in back of Palmdale
Where the turkey farmers run, I done
Made up my mind
And I know I’m gonna go to Sun
Village, good God I hope the
Wind don’t blow

It take the paint off your car
And wreck your windshield too,
I don’t know how the people stand it,
But I guess they do
Cause they’re all still there,
Even Johnny Franklin too
In the Village of the Sun
Village of the Sun
Village of the Sun, son
(Sun Village to you-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo, well!)

Little Mary, and Teddy, and Thelma too, now
Where Palmdale Boulevard, wo!
Cuts on through
Past the Village Inn, well,

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