Testo Waiting For Darkness – Ozzy Osbourne

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Testo della canzone Waiting For Darkness di Ozzy Osbourne
Album: Bark At The Moon
Waiting for darkness
Doesn’t anybody see
Deafened by silence
Doesn’t anybody hear
(I’m waiting for darkness)
Playing with fire
But they’re screaming
When they’re burned
Out of the sunlight
Hasn’t anybody learned

I know what they find
Is in their mind
It’s what they want to see
spare me from the light
Here comes the night
And here I’ll stay
Waiting for darkness

Promise me rebirth
And then you tear me from the womb
Give me my freedom
And then you lock me in a tomb

I’m waiting for darkness
You gotta believe, you gotta believe it’s true
I’m waiting for darkness
I just can’t conceive why darkness is overdue

Who knows the answers
Is it friend or is it foe
Don’t ask me questions
There are things you shouldn’t know

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