Testo Walk On Waternd – Neil Diamond

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Testo della canzone Walk On Waternd di Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond
Written by Neil Diamond

Yesterday’s songs
Don’t stay around long
Not much anymore
Yesterday’s words
Don’t make themselves heard
Like they did before

Baby, yesterday’s blues
May be yesterday’s news
But the truth always stays the same
And the good things will never change
Like sayin’ ‘I love you’
Sayin’ ‘I love you’

Yesterday’s songs
Don’t seem to belong
They’re here and they’re gone

Yesterday’s moves
Don’t stay in the grooves
They keep moving on

Maybe yesterday’s rhyme
Was for yesterday’s time
And the future’s not ours to see
But there’s some things that always will be
Like sayin’ ‘I love you’
Sayin’ ‘I love you’

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