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Testo della canzone We As Americans di EMINEM
[Eminem singing]

There’s an intruder
in my house
He cut my phone-lines
can’t dial out
I scream for police
but I doubt
They’re gonna hear me
when I shout


A couple of cocktails have sent me to jail
there’s a couple of cops hot on my trail
But this time, when I get pulled over
there’s a doberman picture and a pitbull in the seat
these pigs ‘ll get bit fooling with me
quit fooling with me
Bitch, you’re gonna see
No pistol in the seat
why it always gotta be an issue when you’re me
and which you’re gonna see in the long run
Im’a be the wrong one
wanna herass with this lymutinic class
flashin that flash-light on my ass where was you at
last night when the mass hoes
ran up on my grass
rapper slash actor
kiss the crack on my cracker slashed ass
they took away my right to bear arms
what I’m posed to fight with bear palms?
yeah right
they coming with bombs, I’m comin with flare-guns
We as americans


We as a Americans
Us as a citizen
Gotta protect ourselves
Look at our shit has been
We better check ourselves
Livin up in these streets
Through worse and through better health
Surviving by any means
We as Americans
Us as a citizen
We are cemeritans
What do we get us in
We better check ourselves
Look at our shit has been
Take a look where you live
This is America
And we are Americans

Im’a make Vuku bucks
wearin Vuku vests
Drama hanging over my head like a voodoo hex
I could’ve been next to fly over the cuckoo’s nest
but you know who
whith a nest tatooed to my chest
But I’ve innested
Now I

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