Testo We Different – Ja Rule

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Testo della canzone We Different di Ja Rule
Word to God
Yo yo yo
I neva liked cha’ll niggas
Word to God, and I neva will
‘Cuz y’all niggas is ass, y’all bitches
We different, y’all niggas ain’t like us
We different, word to God, we murderers

[Tah Murdah]
Y’all niggas is scared and unprepared for the war
We gon’ kill *silence* and thats for sure
So fuck that, stack crack, bricks and flip
You bust yo’ cap but yo’ aim ain’t accurate
You’ll clap a bitch but won’t clap a click
Nigga my mack’ll spit and hit that ac’ you with
We gon’ talk about guns and y’all talk about cars
We gon’ talk about murda when y’all talk about broads
When niggas spit and hit me if the lord ain’t with me
Ain’t none of y’all niggas is gonna come to hell and get me
Niggas ?geling? with me know I’m going to foreva spit
‘Cuz I got cheddar to get, I’ma foul and ???
With two co-defenders, drive by, Tah, and I
Said the dead don’t die unless they fuck with Ja
If sellin crack is wrong, god forgive me for my sins
I bust my mack ten and them claps I’m spinnin’ in

[Ja Rule, Tah Murda,

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