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Testo della canzone We Hate All the Same Things dei The Mr. T Experience
She’s no beauty queen but she doesn’t mind being seen with me I may not be the best but I’m the only guy that she can get and with a love like that you know it’s got to last and we’re gonna stay together as the years go rocketing past we share everything his and hers like all the things that get on our nerves so she’s with me and there’s nobody waiting in the wings cause we hate all the same things. Now I’m anticipating we’ll spend another lovely evening of complaining about life cause we’ve discovered it’s one damn thing after another so don’t try to call us we won’t answer the phone we hate to go out in public

even more than we hate staying at home we’d just hate anything anywhere and anybody who may be there so I’ll be here and she’ll be near there’s nowhere else to be cause we hate all the same things. When the dog bites when the bee stings when you’re feeling some of these things: ennui, misanthropy, wetschmerz, and anomie, just think of all the things you hate and things start looking pretty great if there’s someone who hates them too and she’s with you the whole night through. If you’ve had a few lucky breaks and you’ve made all the right mistakes you can be like she and me in a world that swings if you hate all the same things like we hate all the same things.

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