Testo Weve Got to Goin On – Backstreet Boys

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Testo della canzone Weve Got to Goin On dei Backstreet Boys
Album: Unknown
It takes a lot to know what is loveIt’s not the big things, but the little thingsThat can mean enoughA lot of prayers to get me throughAnd there is never a day that passes byI don’t think of youYou were always there for mePushing me and guiding meAlways to succeed
CHORUSYou showed meWhen I was young just how to growYou showed meEverything that I should knowYou showed meJust how to walk without your hands’Cause mom you always wereThe perfect fan
God has been so goodBlessing me with a familyWho did all they couldAnd I’ve had many years of graceAnd it flatters me when I see a smile on your faceI wanna thank you for what you’ve doneIn hopes I can give back to youAnd be the perfect son
CHORUS – repeat
You showed me how to loveYou showed me how to careAnd you showed me that you wouldalways be thereI wanna thank you for that timeAnd I’m proud to say you’re mine
CHORUS – repeat
‘Cause mom you always were,mom you always wereMom you always were,you know you always were’Cause mom you always were… the perfect fan
I love you mom

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