Testo What Kind of Power We Got – Public Enemy

By | 22 Giugno 2015

Testo della canzone What Kind of Power We Got di Public Enemy
Yo another day
Another 49 cents

Mr., Mr., why you always tryin to take all our money

Because I am the government
And you have to pay

Stop tryin to take our money

Yo, you gotta bust this
We want justice
From public enemy number one
To cant trust this

Like F Jim or Hyatt
Because we’re sick and fuckin tired
Of being mistreated by the undefeated
Power to the seat that cant be beat
Probably gone is the head that make Clinton defeat
Do all the talkin
Plus crooked walkin
Blind to the fact
That the enemy is stalking
Ways for days
Search United States quite
Were not a full power
Cause the racial riot
In my neighborhood
We attempt to kill each other
Politics said fuck power to the brother
Be strong be righteous
Dont be no sinister
I got the word from bro. minister (minister)
Farrakhan speaks
And so does Muhammad
The days of Ramagon is
Protect you can harm it
My statement is the fact
To the highest degrees
Flavor works this style, yo cant touch me

What kind of power we got
Soul power (8X)

Bring it on (I know you got soul)

Goin on it get it
Gotta get it on
Goin on it get it
Gonna get it on (4X)

Yo, some seek stardom
And forgot all about Harlem
Yo, fugess
Rock the house!

Now I dont know
But tell me what you gonna do
When the ending of time comes near
What ever you do
It’s gotta be funky
I am not tryin
To put your life in full of fear
By the favor skies
We are flying
Truth we be buying
To buy out all the lying
How you livin
Were you livin
Were you livin
It aint got to be

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