Testo What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave
(feat. Diana Le – FRANK SINATRA

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Testo della canzone What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave
(feat. Diana Le di FRANK SINATRA
[Recorded December 18, 1979, Hollywood]

(chorus), [soprano solo by Diana Lee], narration by Jerry Whitman

My name is Francis Albert (Francis Albert Sinatra)
And I sing love songs mostly after dark, mostly in salons.
I’ve had some very good years.
I haven’t missed a whole lot in those firecracker years,
And I don’t want to miss a thing when the future appears.
I like to sit outside on a summer night with a drink in my hand.
And a little moonlit music on the stereo, and look at the stars.
Then I get an urge to travel to that fabulous sky,
If they can do it in the movies, why can’t I?
Seats are now available on the Satellite Special ,
leaving for Mercury and Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune.
What time is the next miracle, I want to be on board,
Save me a seat by the window where I can see
All those marvelous things to be seen out there.
(The things to be seen out there, all there)
What time does the next miracle leave?
Let’s get this show on the road,
And when the Satellite Tours begin,
Count me in,

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

[musical interlude]

When I arrive at Venus, it will surely be spring,
And the girl I have waited for, will be waiting for me,
And she’ll dance with me all the afternoon,
Comfort me when the darkness falls,
And she’ll still be there in the morning when I need her the most.
Maybe when I get to Venus, I will never be lonely again.
The Satellite Special leaving for Jupiter, Saturn,
Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, (Jupiter, Saturn)-a

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