Testo When I Say No – Debbie Gibson

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Testo della canzone When I Say No di Debbie Gibson
Album: Body Mind Soul
Maybe i thought i wanted to be here
Maybe i thought i wanted your lovin’ tonight
The music too slow, the lights too low
But something just wasn’t right
I started to fear your glowing eyes, your tender touch
Your words they were too much for me
But when i tried to push you away
You said you didn’t think i’d want it that way

When i say no, that’s what i mean
Not maybe so or what’s in between
If i said yes, that’s what it would be
Is that what you heard? no!
So step away from me

True there are some girls who know what they’re doing
People think they get what they deserve
But look who’s calling the kettle black
Baby you’ve got some nerve
I do not know why the reasons lie so unclear
But boy you’ve got to understand
If any girl rejects you
Don’t you doubt it’s part of the plan


Ego trips won’t save you when your woman is deceived
Act upon what matters baby, not how you’re perceived
She will love you more and maybe the rest will follow
But not if you push it baby!

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