Testo White Hen Decapitator = – Macabre

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Testo della canzone White Hen Decapitator = di Macabre
Album: Sinister Slaughter
(Michael Bethke)

This is a song about the White Hen Decapitator.
Killed his co-worker with a chef knife they used in the store.
And for some reason he cut off his co-workers head.
Took a price gun and stamped it like a loaf of bread.
White Hen Decapitator – He cut off his co-workers head.
White Hen Decapitator – With a knife that they made sandwiches.
White Hen Decapitator – Then he ran out of the store.
White Hen Decapitator – Of the Burnham Illinois store.
When the customers came in they couldn=B9t believe their eye=B9s
Because waiting for them on the shelf was a big surprise.
A head with a price tag and something carved on the forehead.
Then the police caught him a few blocks away as he fled.

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