Testo White Knuckles – Elvis Costello

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Album: Trust
Testo della canzone White Knuckles di Elvis Costello
White knuckles came down to put the frighteners on
I believe she’s the one that he’s got his heart set on
It doesn’t matter if your face doesn’t fit
There’s no charge for changing it

Oooh ooh
What are you doing
You see right through him
You don’t have to take it when he gets cruel

White knuckles on black and blue skin
(1,4) You don’t have to take it so you just give in
(2,3) He didn’t mean to hit her but she kept laughing
White knuckles sweatin’ on the headboard
He never found out what the kisser was for

Losing face with the boys while she’s whispering in his ear
They never found out why they called it laughing gear
Maybe they weren’t loved when they were young
Maybe they should be hung by their tounges

Oooh ooh
Under the blankets with the body jerk
He needs her like the axe needs the turkey
Making a mockery of his fancy footwork


There’s always someone new to toy with when the penny drops in the slot
Now it’s all petty crime on the news at nine
But it’s all she’s got
Love on the never never dreams don’t come cheap
I don’t close my eyes when I go to sleep

Oooh ooh
It gets right under your skin
It makes you as miserable as sin but
you don’t have to take it so you just give in


Why don’t you come round anymore
Mama said
He’s using you
Sister said
I told you so too
When he goes through your head
You took him to be true
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