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Testo della canzone Who I Am di Brandy
Album: Afrodisiac
Thank you for all the tears, all the stress, you’re the best, I feel blessed, I’m a better woman now. Look how I smile, all you did was help unmask me. This experience made me who I am.

{Verse 1}
Tried to make me love you. I tried to make me stay.
But everytime I tried, myself and I got in the way. Just for the sake of my daughter, I tried to stick to the plan. But I had to get rid of the weight on my fourth finger, left hand.
To everybody listening, sorry if you’re disappointed. You see, the life I chose was only what I thought I wanted.
But nothing’s picture perfect. Looks can be decieving. And what I thought was love was something I did not believe in.
{Repeat chorus 1 x}
{Verse 2}
Always had this feeling that baby boy was cheating. Kept telling myself ‘if you ain’t happy, Bran just leave him’. I wasn’t raised to equit, ‘cause quitters never win, no. But what do you gain if you feel incomplete within? Sick of all the questions. All the whats and whys. ‘What happened’ ‘Why’d y’all break up’ ‘Why we never see you cry?’ But do you know how it feels to hurt behind closed doors? And when you go outside, you wonderin’ why you smilin’ for.
{Repeat chorus 1x}

Now that it’s over, I can live. Now all you had belongs to him. My heart is opened like a book, and everything he eats I cook. What I’m to him, he is to me. We are each other’s everything. But if I would’ve stayed with you, I wouldn’t have it like I do.
{Repeat chorus 3 x}

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