Testo Whores Bleeding Magick – Darkseed

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Testo della canzone Whores Bleeding Magick di Darkseed
Don’t you dare care about this fools
Feel only few, just let them die
For pity is the vice of kings
I want a cruel, dominating youth

Kicking them down into the dust
This is the law of the strong
To do what thou wilt is the call
Summon the beast

Nothing exists without the will
Destroy the pagans come over them
I’ll feed you with their flesh
Kill and destroy

Salvation lays in virginal flesh
Sexual magic, an outpost in space

THELEMA u place of the damned
Abbey of the dog. faqced god
Magick of utmost chaos

666 u farthest evil revealed
rebirth of the underworld
whores’ magic in blood

all the fearful ones
their flesh is meak
this univers is a big beast
weeding out times, a millenium
damnation instead of domestication
you’re the chosen ones

worship the god nameless and blind
worship him with fire and blood
homage him with spears and sword
shed their blood

all things depend one on another
bring damnation to the holy ones
I promise salvation for the cruel

For the creator
The name amongst nameless
Uttermost evil
The god of all hatred

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