Testo Whose World Is It – Debbie Gibson

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Testo della canzone Whose World Is It di Debbie Gibson
Album: Miscellaneous
There’s a very good reason
Why there’s not just
One person in this world
We gotta do what we can
Oh, there’s a reason
Now there must be a plan
If we want to make it work
Word of mouth
Hand in hand

Whose world is it anyway?
Who do we think is gonna make it right?
Whose world is it anyway?
Who are we hurting?

After all, it’s our fight.

There’s a time for laying low
There’s a time for sticking your neck out
On the line
I think now’s our time
‘Cause there’s a real real problem
What are we without the air we breath?
No one should have to be without


After all, it’s our life.
We’ve gotta make it stop
But it begins with just one drop
We will do it, in just one day
But if we never stop
The earth will crumble
Fall apart
And the children will be left
In a helpless land

Who’s gonna make it right?
Who’s gonna make it right?
We’ve gotta make it right
Or no one else will.

There’s a reason
Now there’s gotta be a time
Gotta stick your neck out
On the line

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