Testo Will To Love – Neil Young

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Testo della canzone Will To Love di Neil Young
Album: American Stars And Bars
La la la la, la la la la.
La la la la, la la la la.

It has often been my dream
To live with one who wasn’t there
Like an ocean fish who swam upstream
Through nets, by hooks, and hungry bears:
When the water grew less deep
My fins were aching from the strain
I’m swimming in my sleep
I know I can’t go back again

[Chorus – (varying)]
Got the will to love, the will to love.
I’ll never lose it, never lose the will to love,
never lose the will.
It’s like something from up above.
La la la la, la la la la.
La la la la, la la la la.

I can be like a fire in the night:
Always warm and giving off light
But there comes a time when I shine too bright
I’m just a fire in the night
And now my fins are in the air
And my belly’s scraping on the rocks
I still think someone really cares
And I’ll keep swimming till I stop


I’m like a singer on the stage
With the golden lights and liquid rage
Down from the mountains to the sea
Cool running love keeps cleansing me
It keeps my gills from getting dry
But it distorts things in my eyes
Sometimes I see what really isn’t there
Like my true lover; and I care


Sometimes I ramble on and on
And I repeat myself till all my friends are gone
And get lost in snow and drown in rain
And never feel the same again
I remember the ocean from where I came
Just one of millions all the same
But somewhere someone calls my name
I’m a harpoon dodger, and I can’t, won’t be tamed


Baby, if I see boredom in your eyes
I’ll know my river has run dry
But I won’t turn back with that lonely tide
I bought that ticket and I’ll take that ride
If we meet along the way
Please sway beside me; let us sway together
Our tails together and our fins and mind
We’ll leave this water and let our scales shine
In the sun above and the sky below
So all the water and earth will know

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