Testo Wise Blood – Counting Crows

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Testo della canzone Wise Blood dei Counting Crows
Album: Miscellaneous
I’m an outcast that no one can save anymore
And the days of my youth, have all long gone by now
I was the kind of boy the devil would offer a smoke or a drink to
Or a ride downtown to some god forsaken land

One sunday morning at dawn you know they baptized my soul
But they held me down so long christ i almost drowned
Yeah i was the kind of boy who never learned to smile
So i kicked and i screamed
‘till i tore myself lose from all these great big hands oh yeah

Wiseblood knows how to walk the way the wind blows
Wiseblood hears grace whisper right behind

My mommma, she turned around and said
"little boy you better wake up….cause your a walking dead"
Oh she was the kind a girl who never touched a smoke or a drink
She just smoldered like an empty church left to burn in the wind

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