Testo With My Looks And Your Brains – The Mr. T Experience

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Testo della canzone With My Looks And Your Brains dei The Mr. T Experience
So far, there’s no doubt, things are working out;
between us we can cover every base.
You’re cute; I’m not.
I’m sharp; you’ve got a certain way of spilling all over the place.
But you just keep me warm and I’ll fill out that form,
and when they kick me out again, tell them to let me back in.
Look nice and they won’t think twice about it baby because there’s no stopping us.

With my brains, your looks, your bait, my hooks, we could catch a thousand gravy trains.
But it would be bad if all we had was my looks and your brains.

So hold my hand just like we planned so you won’t get lost and I won’t get thrown out.
If they get wise, just flash those eyes and I will give them something to get wise about.
You just make your splash and I’ll supply the cash when some comes in.
It’s looking kind of thin and glum but some will come along.
You’ll be glad we stayed, cause we’ll have it made.

With your looks, my brains, your tracks, my trains, we’re re-writing all the record books.
Just study the floor-plan, and be glad we’ve got more than your brains and my looks.

I wonder if under pressure we could make it on our own.
Could we stand it, empty-handed and stranded and all alone?

But let’s not find out what that would be about.
I’ll stick with you. You let yourself be stuck to.
You and me have a legacy that we can pass on to our kids.
They could get lucky.

With my brains, your looks, your nights, my rooks, they could really win a lot of games.
But just think, what if they end up with my looks and your brains?

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