Testo Wonderful – Stone Temple Pilots

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Testo della canzone Wonderful di Stone Temple Pilots
Album: Shangri-La Dee Da
If I were to die this mornin’
Would you tell me things that you wouldn’t have?
Would you be my navigator?
Would you take me to a place we could hide?

As I’m fallin’ out
I wonder what I lost
Must be movin’ on
Know I’ll be waitin’ here alone

I wanna ask you to forgive me
I haven’t been the best with all that I had
Wish I’d only laid beside you
I think I spread myself a little too thin

As I’m fadin’ out
I don’t feel anything at all
Think I’m movin’ on
Know you’ll be safe but not alone

You’re the everything
That led me to believe,
Hold on, hold on
You’re the wonder in everything
That’s wonderful

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