Testo Yellow Peril – Steely Dan

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Testo della canzone Yellow Peril degli Steely Dan
Album: Catalyst The Original Recordings (1968~71)
Hunting in the sea of Japan
Ambrose left a tourist trail behind him
So bold whit his gun in his hand
Of his buzz there was no need to remind him
Tripping over a holy man
Might not hear you don’t chose your friends
Ambrose asked for a helping hand
He heaved his chest and pointed west
To where the river ends

With Josie back home on his mind
Brushing of the fruitflies of the season
Ambrose he was surely struck blind
With the sight that defies human reason
On an island of gleaming rocks
Jutting up from the blue lagoon
A ceremonial musicbox
From it flows a bright new merm’
That made our hero swoon

A finer
Miner from China
A finer
Miner from China

The world when the traveler returned
As you know played out it’s bloody romances
But Ambrose he knew what he’d learned
With his bride in hand he took his chances
Soon the sound that delights the ear
Blended in with the army’s roar
When the warrior is strained to hear
This new bebop, the shooting stopped
Their guns were garded for


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