Testo Yes – Beyonce Knowles

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Album: Dangerously In Love
Testo della canzone Yes di Beyonce Knowles
Un Huh, Un Huh, Un Huh, Un Huh, Un Huh, Un Huh.

(Chorus): I said yes to ya ma ma and yes to you dating me yes we can be together but you go to wait for me the first time I say no it’s like I never said yes. I said yes we can be together yes you can stay with me but, when I say no not tonight you acting so ungreatfully the first time I say no it’s like I never said yes.

(1st. Verse): You was on the wall I was with my crew you was watching me baby I was waching you slowly you walked over I maintained my cool you said hello to me I said hello to you, you asked me where i’m from I asked you what you do you somehow then tricked me I thought you were so cool, somewhere between hi and goodbye I felt so comfortable I felt like we could talk all night so I gave my number to you Oh..


(2nd. Verse): Certainly you can call me baby I’d love to hear from you yes of course you can come and see me boy want to get to know you more shoot I’m feelin you no baby not yet we can’t take that next step why you gettin’ so upset boy you act as though I never told you yes before you are so ungratyeful um, um, um, you was at my house I was sitting on my couch you was really buggin so I told you to get out I had been misjudging you had a lot of nerve you to damn old to be so immature I hope you learned you said I move to slow I show’d you to the door you said you’d call me lata i said don’t call no more if it’s cool if you can’t wait for me I’m glad you let me know cause you showed me your true face baby the first time I said no…


( Song Fades Out )
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