Testo Yo – Jewel

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Testo della canzone Yo di Jewel
* jewel and atz together

A little yodeling song
For my man yo
And I know that yo dont know
That I wrote this song a late one night
Hed heard me yodeling down at hobo gins
And we were hanging out at the putter inn
He was beggin me to yodel
And oh yo he wasnt half the type
He held out his hand
I said whats your name?
And he said yo
So I asked him again
And he said yo again
So I figured it must be his name
Well I was having some perculiar thoughts
But you cant say much with a name like atz
So I settled back
Tried to figure out yo-yos game
Now yo was sailin three sheets of the wind
With a frozen stare
And an ear-to-ear grin
He kept beggin me to yodel, sayin
g-gget up there and yodel with the band
It was my good friend rod with a hired gun
So I stepped up to have a little bit of fun
With the lead, and the bass and the drummer and the rhythm man
Now yo he staggered right up to the stage
He had this angelic smile on his face
That sucker looked like he floated up to heaven and he died
While I never had a fan quite like yo before
He stood there mesmerized on the floor
He started stompin and clappin when he heard my yodeling cry

And I said
*yo this yodeling songs for you
No matter where you go
No matter what you do
Remember that time spent yodelings time well spent
Ive never had myself a fan club before
But yo dont you know that one things for sure
If I do Ill make you my fan club president

And I said

Well when I got through
I said there you go yo
And he was still smiling but his eyes were still closed
And I thought I was going to get away from him
But then he opened them wide and said

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