Testo You Came Back – Pete Townshend

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Testo della canzone You Came Back di Pete Townshend
Album: Miscellaneous
Hey little girl playing in the street
Bakin’ as an apple, no shoes on your feet.
I think I can remember you
You look a whole lot better off than you used to.

Hey little boy, throw me the ball.
The kids in the park say you’re the dirtiest of all.
Ain’t I met you sometime before
when the old street was here in the grocer’s store?

You came back, you came back,
And I’m glad you begged my time.
You came back, you came back
And by that mischievous look in your eye,
I’d say before long, if I’m not wrong,
You’ll be back , you’ll come back again

Before long, and I’m not wrong
You’ll be back
You’ll be (overvoice sings come ) back again.

Things have fallen into place, puttin’ names on every face
Remember bein’ dead and alive.
What could be the key
Am I crazy as I seem?
Can I believe what I see with my own eyes?

That girl with the umbrella Used to be a fella
He used to be my very good friend.
Now I recall, in the mystery of things
I’ve been here before and done million things.

If it’s all right with you, I’ll remember you, too.
But I won’t tell you who you were last time.
But you’re making up for it now.
I suffer amnesia when you kiss my brow.

You came back. You came back.
And I’m glad you begged my time.

You came back, You came back.
And by the mischievous look in your eye
I’d say that before long,
If I’m not wrong,
You’ll be back
You’ll come back again.

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