Testo You Go To My Head – Tori Amos

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Testo della canzone You Go To My Head di Tori Amos
Album: Y Kant Tori Read
Words And Music By: Tori

Sweet Love
Make A Slave
Of Me
I Should Have
More Control
Little Dove
You Take Full
Of My Open

When The Cold Of
The Night
Has Washed Away
All I Want
Is To Wake In
Your Arms
And I Know
That I Shouldn’t
Let You Stay
But I’m A Lush
For Your Love

You Go To My Head
You Go To My Head
You Go To My Head
And You Know I Can
Never Say No
To You And Your Friend

You Call
Oh No (You Know You Want Him)
Boy Your Heart Swings
In The Wind
From Rose To Rose
Go Home (Please Stay)
To That Warm Nest
You Left
Minutes Ago

Yes I Understand
You Give Your Time
Can’t You See
I’ve Given My Heart
All That Light
In Your Eyes
Is From The Wine
I’m Such A Lush
For Your Love



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