Testo You Remember Me – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone You Remember Me di Reba McEntire
Album: Rumor Has It
They say no on should call on you
Unless she’s your permission to
But me, I just came anyway
I couldn’t care less what you say
‘Cause I know you from long before
You hid behind a stained glass door
And walked around
And looked your old friends up and down

But anyway, I thought I’d come give you a look
At where you’re from and let you know
I still recall what a child you are underneath it all

You remember me the funny way I cry
The funny way I sit there when someone says goodbye
The funny way I wind up lost when someone sets me free
Why sure, you remember me

Well, I won’t take up your whole day
I’ve said about all I have to say
I guess that I’ll be moving on
I know you’ll be glad to see me gone
Tonight is our last night in town
So don’t worry bout me hangin’ round
Tomorrow night it’s Calgary
And you’ll be good and rid of me

Repeat chorus twice

(Jesse Winchester)
Copyright 1977 Hot Kitchen Music

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