Testo Youve Never Seen Everything – Bruce Cockburn

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Testo della canzone Youve Never Seen Everything di Bruce Cockburn
Nobodys making me say this
Im talking to you
Been traveling 17 hours
Irradiated by signals, by images
of viruses, of virtues
like everyone
Like exiled angels we swing out of the clouds
Above night city
Fields of light broken by the curve of dark waterways

On the other side of the world
an unhappy teenage girl sets fire
to herself, her house, her neighbourhood and some that dwell therein
Sorry simulacrum of sad dawn

Youve never seen everything

Sleep of the just, sleep of reason, any damn kind of sleep please!
Im trying to balance on a sloping bed in Naples
or is it Skopje? I forget
Through the thin hotel wall a man groans in his dreams

And on the other side of the world
the drug squad busts a childs birthday party
Put bullets in the family dog and the blood goes all over the baby
And the Mounties are strip-searching schoolgirls
because they can

And a car crashes and burns on an offramp from the Gardiner
Two dogs in the back seat die, and in the front
a man and his mother
Forensics reveals the lady has pitchfork wounds in her chest
And that the same or a similar instrument has been screwed to the dash
to make sure the driver goes too

Youve never seen everything

I see:
A leader of the people with a ring in his nose
And the leaders of business tell him which way to go
With thugs on the golden chain which once led the golden calf
And were supposed to be impressed with their success
But my mind goes blank before the unbelievable indifference
shown life
the future
anything green
anything just

Bad pressure coming down
Tears what we really traffic in
ride the r

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